Beautiful Long and Thick Natural Lashes

Beautiful Long Natural Lashes

In the world of beauty some people are blessed with beautiful long and thick natural lashes, but that doesn’t go for everyone. Some of us are not so lucky. But luckily for is there is a solution which is false eyelashes! Also there are many of them to suite your needs and look.

Be sure of what style you are looking for (natural, dramatic, or somewhere in between) then choose what you would like to try out. Lashes are available in individual sections, or in entire strips. Your salon specialist can help you apply them, but if you’re willing to try it yourself, here are the steps to follow. Always make sure to have your hands cleaned and washed before starting the application process.

To start, trim down the individual false lashes in the event that you need a more normal look. Hold the lash strips up to your eye to gage their length; trim from the outside of the strip. The lashes ought to be longer at the external corner of every eye. You can also trim the strip itself if it’s too long. The strip ought to begin within corner at the same place where your natural lashes start.

Select a quality strip lash adhesive so your falsies will last til end of the night without regular touchup. Select clear tone lash glue for most styles of strip false lashes. Clear glue dries clear so they are ideal for lash amateurs. Select dark tone lash glue for false lashes with thicker lash band. Dark adhesive dries dark so it can hide thicker lash bands and additionally obscures the lash line and add power and profundity to your eyeliner.

Next apply the adhesive using an applicator top the outer seam of the falsie. Wait for the glue to get tacky for about 45-50 seconds. carefully place the strip on your eyelid right above your natural lash. Make sure to give the glue time to dry again and once that is done you can apply liquid eyeliner or mascara to help your falsies blend in with your own lashes.

For phot shoot or runway glam you can double layer your lashes to achieve a more dramatic look if you wish.

To remove your lashes is pretty simple. Grab a Q-tip and dip it in makeup remover and rub it along your lash line gently. give the remover a few seconds and you should be able to start to pull off your false lashes.

There are many brands of lashes that can be re used. Make sure to clean them with makeup remover to clean off any remaining glue or make up that might still be on them. Also store your lashes in the case they originally came in if possible. Try not to fall asleep with your false lashess on because they can cause irritation to your eyes.

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